It begins! Already hitting speedbumps…

I find it to be very interesting that I started blogging/photo documenting my new healthy eating habits on a Friday. Of all days, Fridays lead into the weekend and are where I tend to make some pretty poor dietary choices, especially compared to Monday-Thursday. I tend to make ok choices throughout the day on Friday, but by the evening I am more open to the idea of eating “poorly”. I’m not sure why that is, if it’s because I just need a break from the normal routine or if it’s an excuse to cut loose a bit. Also, I tend to drink alcohol on Friday and Saturday nights, more than any other nights in the week, so maybe it’s the idea of throwing all caution to the wind. So, to see how well I handle this weekend will be an interesting experiment at just the onset of this project.

This morning it was nice and cool outside, somewhere in the upper 50’s lower 60’s I am guessing. For the past few days the temps have been much higher in the morning and I’ve been struggling to complete my 5 miles. I also just returned from a week-long vacation, but it’s been tough for me out there the past few mornings. Well, today I am happy to say, went much better. I got in a full 5 miles, running at a 9:40 pace, not bad. My running shoes are killing my feet now all the sudden and I have some nice war wounds as a result.

For breakfast I made a green monster with 1 cup of chocolate unsweetened almond milk, a frozen banana, and one cup of spinach. I  added a stevia packet to the smoothie to give it some sweetness.  I also had coffee with stevia and half and half. I felt pretty full as I headed out the door to work.

On Fridays at work, I always start the day out with meetings. Meetings can be really draining and I think that got the best of me this morning. A co-worker brought out a bag of tootsie rolls and everyone went to town on them, including me. Doh!

Let’s take a look at the ingredients in a tootsie roll. The ingredients of a chocolate Tootsie Roll are sugar, corn syrup, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, condensed milk, cocoa, whey, soy lecithin, orange extract, and artificial and condensed flavors (wikipedia). Not too too bad, but I definitely don’t know what soy lecithin is and corn syrup and partially hydrogenated soybean oil are definitely products I am trying to avoid and also, what the hell are condensed flavors?

Yeah. So needless to say, project busted! Well, as I said before, this is going to be tough. There are so many temptations out there. I did better on my lunch choices. I owe this to careful planning. Yesterday I went to Roots Market and picked up a few things and made sure to get something for today’s lunch.  I bought organic egg salad and kale salad with bragg liquid aminos.

Ingredients for the egg salad: organic eggs, organic green onion, organic parsley, organic extra virgin olive oil, oranic lemon juice, organic dijon mustard, organic safflower oil, sea salt, black pepper.

Ingredients for the kale salad: organic kale, organic yellow onion, organic carrot, organic olive oil, brag liquid aminos.

I had no idea what ‘liquid aminos’ where, but found out here. Essentially, it was the salad ‘dressing’ and are “made from health-giving, NON-GMO soybeans and purified water. They are an excellent, healthy, gourmet replacement for Tamari and Soy Sauce. Not fermented or heated and Gluten-Free”. Interesting. I found it to be very salty, and I ate less of the kale salad than I probably normally would have.

For dessert I ate a few pieces of Vivani dark chocolate with espresso.

Ingredients: cocoa liquor, raw can sugar, cocoa butter, espresso cafe, cocoa solids. This chocolate is 100% organic. I like it, but I don’t LOVE it. Chocolate is so good though and I really can’t live without at this point!


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