Friday’s finish

When I got home yesterday afternoon I was pretty hungry (as I always am when I get home!). I had a few nuts to hold me over until dinner.

I would be very happy as a squirrel eating nuts all the time, I love them so much. These particular ones happen to be a mix of cashews, almonds and macadamia nuts. I also munched on a few dry roasted peanuts too (not pictured). The hubby and I then turned our attention onto dinner and I quickly remembered another reason why it is harder to stay on track with healthy eating over the weekend- we tend to go out to eat on weekends, especially Friday nights. I searched around the internet trying to think of a good place to go that would meet my needs and his as well. We settled on going to an Indian restaurant, which ended up being fantastic! They had a great buffet, with several vegetable options and meat options. It was perfect! Here is a picture of my first plate:

From left to right, starting with the ramekin of yogurt sauce: cabbage slaw (really light and vinegar-y), broccoli in yogurt sauce, curry chicken, stuffed cabbage (center), vegetables in cream sauce, zucchini, and saag paneer (spinach and chickpeas). For my second plate I went for a round of favorites, even though I was already stuffed! I had some more of the stuffed cabbage , vegetables in cream sauce, and saag paneer along with some more chicken. I wouldn’t go as far as to say my plate was totally “healthy” due to the loads of cream sauce, but I stayed mostly on track here with my effort to eat mostly vegetables so I was quite pleased. Note the omission of any white rice or naan, which I didn’t miss too much all things considered.

When we got home we opened a bottle of vino- a pink merlot and I had two glasses. For the first day, I would say it went pretty well. We’ll see how Saturday goes!


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