Saturday’s start

This morning we got up after sleeping for almost 11 hours- ahh, so needed! I was starving and decided a good way to get in some veggies right off the bat would be to make an omelet. The husband wanted sausage and he made some extra for me, which I also put in the omelet along with some sauteed mushrooms and spinach, red onion, and feta cheese. I used two whole eggs and egg whites from a third egg.

Unfortunately, these eggs were not “pastured” or even free range (which, doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the chickens were grass fed). They were bought by the husband and prior to me making these changes, but I hope to get pastured eggs on the next shopping trip I take.

I also had some coffee (Jamaican Blue Mountain, yum!) with half and half and a packet of stevia.

After breakfast I surprised myself and went for a run. I had absolutely no intention of doing this today, but it was nice and sunny out. Right after mile 4 my ipod battery (and thus my nike+) died. I kept going though and probably ran about 4.75 miles today, sweet!

After re-hydrating and taking a shower, I indulged in some of my favorite chocolate. Mint dark chocolate made by Divine, which is ‘fair trade certified’ and freakin’ delicious! I swear the nutrition facts lie.

Anyway here are the ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, peppermint crisp  5% (sugar, peppermint oil), emulsifier: soy lecithin (non GM), peppermint oil, vanilla. Crap! Soy lecithin. I need to do some more research on this ingredient- it is in everything!

As I am writing this I am also snacking on some more nuts 🙂 Cashews, almonds and macadamia mix again. Love them!

Signing off for now,



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