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Almost, but not quite

Man. I really tried to not eat when I got home today and I was rather successful… until… I was starting to prepare dinner. This is another time when I find myself mindlessly taking bites of things as I try to reduce my hunger pangs. Like I said, I was able to keep busy when I first got home because the husband had some buddies over and by hanging with them I stayed out of the kitchen. Once I started getting out the food for dinner, I did munch on a few cashews. Not the worst thing in the world though, but a behavior I’d like to reduce.

Tonight was a leftover night. I had a leftover crab cake from Saturday.

I also re-vamped some broccoli cheddar soup that I made last week by adding some more freshly steamed broccoli and some cut up chicken breast (from last night’s dinner).

This soup recipe can be found on my other website if you are interested. It’s really easy and very tasty! I made it before I started this project though so many of the ingredients are non-organic. Next time, next time. Anyway, the veggie quotient was not very high in this meal tonight. There was broccoli and also some carrots in the soup, but that’s really about it (along with green onion and jalepeno in the crab cake if those count). Overall though, today was a decent day. I got in at least 5 different vegetables and had at least one veggie in each meal.

Well, tomorrow is a new day. See you then!