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Stuffed peppers, stuffed me

The trip to Whole Foods was fun and I got to show off a place that I love to shop in. It’s easy to forget that not everyone knows about Whole Foods or has been there before, so it was cool to take some people there for the first time. Anyway, we’re supposed to go to happy hour this evening, well not quite happy hour, but going to a bar to see a friend visiting from out of town. We plan to go after dinner, so when I got home I thought it would be wise to make my lunch for tomorrow so I wasn’t scrambling later or even tomorrow. I threw together a salad, which you will see tomorrow…. While making it I munched on a few cashews that my hubby roasted with some salt and pepper. As if I thought cashews weren’t perfect enough! These were soooo good. I also had a few bites of blue cheese that was going into the salads.

For dinner, the husband cooked stuffed peppers with veal, spinach and cheese.

This was good overall, two veggies (pepper and spinach) and was really filling. Eating a whole pepper is a lot! The not so good news is that he used some leftover prego sauce, which is probably not the best. Also, the meat nor the cheese were grass-fed or organic or any of that good stuff. Still though, a nice and filling meal with comfort food themes.

Off to the bar we go!